September 21, 2009

Hey Guys Planet Cazmo Updated Today And Brought Us Some New Clothes For Cazmo Cash And 1 For Cazmo Coins. They Brought New Girl Clothes And Brought Back 3 Old Items That They Don`t Sell Anymore For a Limited Time Only!


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Updates I Missed

September 14, 2009

Hey Guys,

Today Planet Cazmo Updated and brought us some new clothes for cazmo cash and cazmo coins! They are very nice, and last week some people got the clothes earlier due to some glitch! Anyways here are the new clothes:


 And there is New Hot Deals:


Hey Cazmos!

PC  Updated And Brought Us The Underwater World!

It is avalible for Members Only So Buy Your Membership Today!

If Your Wondering Where The Underwater World Is Click The Beach Section and Click this:


The You Go In The Shop And Buy A Submarine!


Then Click that Black Rope Thing And You will be in the underwater world!


The You Talk To Dr Deep And The Quest Will Start! You Have to push the blinkies up down right or left by using your Arrow Keys or WASD Letter Keys!


And When You Are Done The Quest You Get These Items!


Spread The World!

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PCAP 65 Ambassador RichCoolDude

New Updates!

August 29, 2009

Hello Everyone! Today PC Updated Cazmo And Brought Us New Clothes And Some More Stuff!

First up is the new shirts and new pants for Cazmo Cash And Cazmo Coins.


The Summer Items at the beach shop are all on sale except for the Mimo surfboard for this week only!


There Is also new posters made by Black Wolf,AgentCazmo, and Beta Omer in the house poster shop


Also LLoyd Is BACK!! He Gives you a lazer dart Surfboard so if you dont have a surfboard try and go look for LLoyd he will be all over the beach looking for new friends!


Lastly there is a new mod gift called Mouse Slippers There soft and warm for your feet! lol i got it today (Friday) from finding crazy legs in mod hunt!


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Updates And Kate Earl!

August 22, 2009

Hello Cazmos

Today Planet Cazmo Updated and brought some new Clothes BUT NO UNDERWATER WORLD!!! And There is A Kate Earl Concert from Friday-Saturday every hour on the hour for 14 minutes, There are some clothes for cazmo cash and cazmo coins.


Heres Are Some Of  The Kate Earl Concert Pictures:


And there is a new mod gift called Clown Pants i belive i am the first one to get it


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August 15, 2009

Hey Guys!
Today PC Updated But Sadly No Underwater world But there is new shoes in the clothing store for cazmo cash


And theres new surfboards for cazmo coins and cazmo cash, here is a cool pic with all the new surfboards


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Valentines & More!

February 7, 2009

Hello Cazmos!

Its Nado and Im BACK!! The Updates are here, Valentines is here @ Planetcazmo and Snow is gone… Have a look at all the updates!

Valentines Decorations!


Because Snow is gone, Snow Balls are gone too but instead of that, Water Balloons are here!


Also There is a NEW Icon that shows you, your pet! And there new Posters  at the Art & Poster Shop, So Check em’ out!

-Ambassador Nado (PCAP19)


January 24, 2009

Hello Cazmos!

Sorry I can’t post because Im toooooo busy. So this post is from cazmo.tk

here are new cloths. They looks very awesome. Check out the Clothing Shop for them!

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There is new sign for Chewster`s party:


Planet Cazmo have created a new guide for new players (It’s in the news):


Also Bigdawg told me that the pets are coming next week! I can’t wait